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Reflections of Our First Year

Blog Post by Diane Halston

December, 2022

It’s been such an exciting and challenging first year, and I’m just now taking a moment or two to reflect on this journey.

It was a heck of an undertaking to take the greenhouse down and then move it from Walter’s. Thankful for the help from family and friends, we disassembled it and moved the greenhouse in two exhausting days, all while recovering from Covid. That was in September of last year (2021).

Life happened and the puzzle pieces of the greenhouse sat in piles. We ended up putting the greenhouse up in the dead of winter. February! Who puts up a greenhouse in the dead of winter? Would we even be able to put it up AND in time, AND run power, gas lines, irrigation, AND complete all the hundreds of little things required?? Again, family came to help. I am now able to laugh at the absurdity of it all, but at the time it was NOT funny. I definitely knew we’d look back on this time and say, “remember when….”

Aside from getting the structure up and infrastructure in place, there were the other things to do, like order all the plants, soil, and fertilizers, take orders, and even create this website. From supply shortages to suppliers’ crop failures, missing shipments to delays, it was—at times—pretty stressful! However, I learned to adapt, substitute, pivot, and I thrived.

Working in the greenhouse was definitely wonderful. I loved planting and watching the plants grow. I was way too excited with each bloom! Planting-up the hanging baskets was physically demanding but made easier with my family’s support. My husband did a lot of heavy lifting and my kids pitched in. They even delivered snacks to me out to the greenhouse. The long days went by quickly.

One of my favorite things about this first season has been meeting all of my customers. What a great bunch of people! Everyone was excited for me, supportive, and lovely to deal with. Many customers have sent me pictures of their beautiful baskets and I have loved seeing how the baskets looked in their gardens.

I am so excited for next season! I have a few new varieties that are sure to dazzle, as well as a few additions to the order form. In the meantime, I’m happy to recycle and compost your basket. Just drop them off in the grey wagon at the gate!

Thank you for a successful first season. The 2023 order form is open and I’m ready to get back in the greenhouse!

I love what I do.